AWS Migration Readiness Workshop

Uncover potential cost savings by moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Comparing on-premises costs to public cloud costs can be a complex and time consuming activity. To help accelerate your cloud initiatives, Rackspace Technology has developed a one-day virtual workshop that delivers a proven framework to help you uncover the key insights needed to help you speed up the decision-making process and accelerate your cloud journey.  Sign up now or read the full workshop outline here.

Key Outcomes and Deliverables

To assess the true potential cost, utilization information has to be mapped to a right-sized environment so organizations can optimize IT infrastructure costs. Rackspace Technology will work with you to identify saving opportunities while taking advantage of the benefits of the public cloud, including:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ROI Report
  • Financial analysis of moving workloads to AWS
  • Understanding and decision on areas of existing strength and focus
  • Proposal and roadmap for moving your workloads to AWS

We'll also deep-dive into the following areas: security, operations, business, platform, people and process.

Workshop Outline

Morning Session

  • Customer Business and Technology Goals and Objectives
    • Review customer goals for migrating corporate applications to AWS. Discuss short and long term objectives, risks and issues related to IT and business application migrations.
  • Overview of AWS Migration Methodology
  • Migration Readiness: Business Perspective
    • Review current AWS footprint, applications, operational processes and integration.
      • Business case
      • Governance and Process
      • People

Afternoon Session

  • Migration Readiness: Technical Perspective
    • Review current AWS footprint, applications, operational processes and integration.
      • Platform
      • Security
      • Operations
  • AWS Application Discovery Process & Tools
  • Summarize Feedback & Actions


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