Customer Stories: CICE


Our Customer

Corporation Integral de Comercio Exterior (CICE) Group was the first private port operator within Mexico’s National Port Systems and is one of the country’s most important marine cargo handling companies, playing a key role in innovation and modernization of foreign trade.

The Obstacles They Faced

CICE Group’s customers needed real-time information on the status of operations and the transfer of their cargo. CICE Group had to move to the cloud while minimizing disruptions, maximizing security and staying under budget.

What We Achieved Together

CICE Group was able to seamlessly transition from a legacy infrastructure to the cloud on schedule and without impacts to their customers and with an approximate 15% savings

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How We Helped


IT Transformation, Professional Services - Application Services / DevOps


Oracle ERP, Rackspace Application Services

“Experience and the number of certified specialists were the most important factors in choosing Rackspace Technology, as well as their commitment to service, agile procedures ability to scale.

Genaro Mendez
Director of IT
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