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Build self-healing and auto-scaling cloud native applications, free from the limitations of servers.

The next generation of applications will be built cloud-native

Building your applications in the cloud requires an entirely new way of thinking about architecture and design.

Modern cloud native development opens a world of possibilities by helping you to leverage cloud native technologies that simply don’t exist in legacy applications. They can’t be retroactively integrated into them either. These technologies, such as serverless computing, allow your business to develop at cloud scale by pushing as much infrastructure and software management to the platform as possible. With the traditional challenges related to provisioning, scaling and maintaining high availability out of the way, you’re able focus on delivering business value. This can lead to faster times to market, tighter feedback loops and better products — all while reducing costs and improving reliability.

Let Rackspace Technology put you on the path to modern cloud native applications. From ideation and user experience design to development and deployment, our team works alongside yours to build modern applications that make the most of the benefits of cloud native at any part of the software development lifecycle or stack. Through our "do-with" engagement model, we enable your teams to navigate and embrace the cloud-native development ecosystem with automation, efficient workflows and the insights your operations team needs to keep applications running efficiently.

Use Cases

Develop at cloud scale and accelerate innovation

Leverage a microservices architecture to develop software systems that focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations.

  • Enable team autonomy and increase agility: Microservices are independently deployable, enabling smaller, dedicated teams to focus on feature- or service-specific portions of the application 
  • Scale seamlessly: Independently scale services to the most needed microservice instead of scaling the entire cloud native application
  • Reduce downtime: Isolate faults to a single microservice. This helps prevent cascading failures that might impact the entire application, allowing your critical applications to keep running even when other modules fail 
  • Simplify maintenance: With smaller codebases for each microservice, you can maintain, update and deploy applications easily
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Build cloud native SaaS solutions

Users demand an ‘available anytime, anywhere and constantly updated’ application experience without the need to manage and run software. When you deliver cloud native web and mobile applications in a SaaS model, you can reach these users while improving your product and reducing your operating costs and complexity. We can guide and accelerate your SaaS journey with our unique experience in building cloud-native SaaS applications.

  • Ease of use: Enhance user experience with modern web interfaces for web and mobile applications that are accessible from anywhere
  • Unparalleled agility: Remain competitive with a scalable, modular architecture that allows you to update and add features quickly and without impacting the entire application
  • New income streams: Transition to recurring revenue models by enabling subscription billing based on customer usage, including time-based billing and tiered billing for resource consumption or a product feature set
  • Reduced TCO: Capitalize on reduced operational complexity and costs with shared resources through secure multitenant platforms. These eliminate the need for managing tenant-specific deployments
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Applications that need to process massive volumes of data at scale

  • Increased insights with IoT data: Build companion applications and cloud native IoT platforms to handle use cases from real-time analytics and visualizations, device command and control, to smart home integrations
  • Increased savings with autoscaling: Power on-demand video streaming and ecommerce applications with serverless infrastructures that scale resources based on demand and reduce operational overhead with a pay-as-you-go model
  • Increased differentiation by accelerating innovation: Innovate and bring products to market quickly by freeing up time for your teams to focus on developing and improving cloud native apps that differentiates your business, instead of managing the underlying infrastructure

Deliver consistent user experiences from one codebase across web and mobile clients.

  • Consistency: Build applications with consistent user interfaces across Android, iOS and web clients
  • Speed: Reduce time to market by easily pushing updates and new features to all clients from one codebase, eliminating the need to manage separate versions for each platform
  • Efficiency: Shorten time to profitability by eliminating the need to align and maintain a software development team for each platform, and gain cost efficiencies through shared infrastructure resources

Improve business efficiency and productivity with modern back-office applications

  • Custom-fit applications: Increase operational efficiency with custom-built applications for your business. From required-to-fly systems and fleet tracking to scheduling and loyalty applications, we have the expertise to help your teams operate more efficiently and make data-driven decisions.
  • Ease of use: Increase employee satisfaction with modern application interfaces they’re accustomed to
  • Time savings: With modern architectures, you can leverage globally available cloud native services to offload undifferentiated development work and enable your teams to focus on your business.

AWS Serverless Enablement & Ideation Workshop

Gain hands-on experience in building serverless applications and kick-start your modern cloud native application development and operation journey.

Move past the complexities of public cloud technologies, modern architectures and the new processes and development workflows that come with them. Schedule your AWS Serverless Enablement & Ideation Workshop today to gain a baseline knowledge of serverless technologies, architectures and development workflows. Fast - track your adoption of modern application development across your organization.

“Working with Rackspace Technology helped our team achieve our goals on an immense project on a tight timeline. Our utility customers vary widely in size and infrastructure, and Rackspace Technology has helped us deliver a highly sophisticated platform where we can seamlessly onboard new customers and lower the barrier to entry for new municipalities."
Rick Gruenhagen, CTO, Innovyze See the case study

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