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Drive business outcomes with data strategy and governance

Get the most value from your data.

Most companies have data scattered across their enterprise and value chain, making it difficult to find and understand their data, and causing issues with duplication and quality. To get the most out of your data while maintaining control, you need to start with a good data strategy.

A strong data governance plan will allow you to understand what data you have and where it’s hosted, keep it clean and secure, and understand how it’s being used. Our data specialists are here to help you keep up with the latest data technologies, methodologies and regulations for your data architecture, organization and management.

With the right data strategy in place, you can deliver superior customer experiences, develop new business models, deliver innovative products and services, increase your level of operational efficiency and extract more insights to optimize business and customer results.

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Use Cases

Build a roadmap to data maturity

  • Understand and review priority business use cases.
  • Hear how businesses in your segment are leveraging data.
  • Visualize and propel smarter data-driven experiences.
  • Build a modern data platform and analytics roadmap.
  • Publish the roadmap to key constituents including executives, IT, architects and business leaders.
  • Communicate your goals and desired outcomes, and design a path forward for success.
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Define your classification, assets, transmission, retention and privacy standards.

  • Understand current data sources, classification and other data policies.
  • Identify gaps that make you vulnerable to data exploitation or user confusion.
  • Define new policies and update existing ones to help you stay in control of your data while enhancing its use.
  • Communicate and educate key constituencies on your new data policies.
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Build a strategy for regulation and compliance management.

  • Identify privacy, compliance and other industry-specific regulations relevant to your needs.
  • Assess current data policies, security regime and compliance for possible gaps.
  • Create a holistic data security and compliance strategy and governance program.
  • Implement new policies and security procedures for infrastructure updates.
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"Close of business processing went from over four hours to under two, and our financial modelling team was running data in 20 minutes that would have previously taken over an hour."
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