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Accelerate your business with data insights

Discover how businesses in your segment are leveraging data and analytics today, while you explore core analytics and big data services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and outline a proof-of concept. Through our virtual Google Cloud Data and Analytics Workshop, Rackspace data architects will determine the technical and business requirements of your project, design a high-level solution that demonstrates the possibilities for your business.

Session 1

Discovery and Knowledge-Sharing

Work with a Rackspace Technology architect to uncover the possibilities when leveraging cloud-native data and analytics services on GCP.

  • Work with a Rackspace data architect to leverage cloud-native analytics and big data services on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Hear how businesses in your segment are leveraging data
  • Overview of GCP – strengths and differentiators
  • Ingestion with Cloud Pub-Sub, Cloud Storage and BigQuery Transfer Service
  • Data processing with Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Data Fusion and Cloud DataProc
  • Cloud data warehousing with BigQuery


Session 2

Knowledge Sharing and Technical Deep Dive

During the next session, we continue additional knowledge sharing and go into a technical deep dive around various solutions enabled by Google Cloud services.  

  • Visualizations and driving smarter data-driven experiences with Looker
  • Machine learning and AI with the Google AI Platform and building blocks
  • Building a modern data platform and modernizing your data lakes and data warehouses
  • Building smart analytics solutions


Session 3

Solution Design and Ideation Session

Ideate and design a solution that fits your workloads and use cases.  

  • Collaborate around business drivers and desired outcomes
  • Solution ideation for your high-priority use cases
  • Whiteboard requirements, outcomes and high-level architecture
  • Wrap up session with discussion on next steps between a PoC and MVP or full production solution

Following the Workshop, our data solutions architect will deliver a Solution Architecture and Recommendations Report based on their findings during the event.


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