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Get up and running quickly while maximizing the value of your Google Cloud data.

Mobilize the power of a modern data platform with the expertise and experience to get the most out of your investment.

Google Cloud offers innovation, agility, costs savings and operational efficiency. Working with Rackspace Technology™, you have the ability to ingest and process new data efficiently and begin to take advantage of all it can do.

Our certified Google Cloud experts will work with you to architect, migrate, secure, operate and optimize your GCP data environment so you’re empowered with insights to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

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We’ll help you migrate your databases to Google Cloud and accelerate application performance, flexibility and scalability

  • Discover a customized migration solution that’s aligned to your business goals and timeline.
  • Experience reduced risk and disruption with a team of certified experts.
  • Accelerate innovation by focusing on applications rather than databases.
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See all you can do with a modern and tailored data platform that drives impactful business decisions

  • Discover insights that matter quickly with modern analytics and data warehouse minimum viable products (MVPs).
  • Optimize your scalability, reliability and cost savings, plus empower data-driven decision making with self-service analytics.
  • Enhance your products and solutions when you can both improve data hygiene and process data faster with real-time analytics.
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Intelligent data can prompt automated recommendations, preemptive action and streamlined decision making

  • Experience the power of speech translations and analyses, identification within images and data, and advanced human interfaces such as chatbots or AR/VR/XR.
  • Make informed decisions with intelligent estimations around future behaviors and events, and identify clusters of commonalities or differences.
  • Operationalize models with proven accelerators to fast track automation no matter where in the lifecycle you are.
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Develop, train, score and deploy data models quickly and easily with open-source tools

  • Tailor your fast-tracked automation to specific workflows and business needs through the Model Factory Framework.
  • Discover tools for diagnostics and performance monitoring, as well as governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Combine DevOps tools and processes with ML workflows through a streamlined collaboration platform, and automate model development across your dev, Q/A and production environments.
  • Take advantage of a pay-for-what-you-use model, as well as a standardized model development environment.
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DataOps orchestrates your people, processes and technology to deliver trusted, high-quality data for your customers, partners, internal stakeholders, and applications.

  • Create predictable delivery and change management of data, data models and related artifacts in the data landscape.
  • Access to a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary data modernization experts for ongoing architecture and engineering services.
  • Automated data pipeline monitoring and reactive 24x7x365 response by our global Rackspace Technology DataOps team.

Accelerate your business with data insights

Book your GCP Data Discovery workshop - free for a limited time

Discover how businesses in your segment are leveraging data and analytics today, while you explore core analytics and big data services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and outline a proof-of concept. Through our on-site Google Cloud Data Discovery Workshop, Rackspace data architects will determine the technical and business requirements of your project, design a high-level solution that demonstrates the possibilities for your business.

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"AI and machine learning demand huge amounts of resource, at a level that would not be sustainable in an on-premises or private environment … having access to Rackspace’s special services and training, on top of Google’s position as the most cutting-edge cloud provider is the perfect match for us."
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