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Improving patient outcomes through cloud innovation

Healthcare and life sciences organizations have increasingly moved towards cloud adoption as they strive to innovate and improve patient care in a fast-paced, competitive and highly regulated environment. We help them leverage the cloud to work faster and smarter, comply with regulations and improve diagnostics and patient outcomes, through a range of technologies — including big data and analytics, AI, telemedicine, connected medical devices and machine learning powered diagnostics.

By combining the capabilities of AWS with our team of certified architects and engineers, the end result is a personalized solution that enables healthcare providers and payers to securely store, process, transmit and analyze clinical information.

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Use cases

Improve patient outcomes by extracting data in real time from IoT powered devices to monitor and measure vitals and adherence to prescribed therapy. We have experience developing IoT enabled arthroscopic cameras, glucometers and inhalers along with the platforms to ingest and manage the data, enabling smart clinical diagnostics for enhanced patient monitoring.

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With machine learning, digital doctors can create solutions powered by chatbots like Amazon Lex to extract current clinical information to make predictive diagnoses based on a patient's past medical records — either in a health care provider’s office or using a digital doctor at home.

These tools can help gather a patient’s symptoms at regular intervals, capture and classify imagery showing potential symptoms, and help improve the overall medical experience for patients.

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Our comprehensive migration services allow healthcare businesses to decommission their legacy server hardware and move to a faster and more secure cloud-based infrastructure on AWS. We’ve worked with most on-premises appliances along with all major ETL tools — allowing us to help you quickly transition into the cloud.

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Perform genome mapping in minutes rather than days and analyze medical scans & records quickly with AWS’s unlimited compute power, enabling healthcare professionals to make more holistic medical decisions based on complete patient data.

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With our custom-built solutions, your organization can quickly digitize medical documents in a secure environment with Amazon Textract. This NLP-based solution is HIPAA compliant and allows you to search for keywords in your records.

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Deliver on performance and security while meeting strict compliance in regulated markets. Medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers with numerous regulatory requirements rely on us every day to meet their needs.

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"The good thing about Rackspace was that they were able to focus on the cloud lifecycle. They were very smart about how to roll out these capabilities to each business unit."

Vijay Thumma, Director of Cloud Services, McKesson See the Case Study

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