Rackspace Technology Privacy Statement and Notices

Personal Information We Collect

Our Privacy Notice and specific privacy notices describe how we handle the personal information we collect about you. Personal information could include, for example, your name and contact details that you provide when you:

  • Purchase services from us
  • Apply for a job
  • Visit our websites
  • Sign up for our events

Disclosure of Personal Information

When we need to provide your personal information to third parties, we will only share it to the extent reasonably necessary. We may also share your personal information as required or permitted by law and as described in our Privacy Notice.

Rackspace Technology’s continued commitment to our contractual and legal obligations can be found in our Customer Data Processing Addendum.

Rackspace Technology is committed to protecting your data. Our contractual and legal obligations are flowed down to our processors and subprocessors.

Tracking Technologies

Rackspace Technology and our service providers or third party advertisers may use cookies, web beacons, or other similar technologies when you visit or interact with us online. For more information about our use of Tracking Technologies, please visit our Cookie Notice. If you wish to opt-out of interest-based advertising or other forms of “tracking” please refer to our cookie notice above.

Law Enforcement Information Requests

At Rackspace Technology, we understand that transparency about the types of requests we receive from law enforcement and similar government agencies is critical to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers. Furthermore, law enforcement helps ensure that our customers’ data as well as our technology remains safe and free from abuse or exploitation. We believe there is a need to strike a balance that both enables effective law enforcement and provides strong privacy protections.

Once a year, we publish the number of legal demands for customer data that we receive from law enforcement agencies around the world. While this report covers law enforcement requests, Rackspace Technology follows the same principles for responding to government requests for all customer data. Government requests for customer data must comply with applicable laws. A subpoena or its local equivalent is required to request non-content data, and a warrant, court order, or its local equivalent, is required for content data.

Rackspace Technology offers strong encryption as one of the many security features available for purchase. We give our customers the option to manage their own encryption keys. We do not support legislation that would prohibit or weaken the security or encryption technologies that would have the effect of weakening the security of the services, products or systems that Rackspace Technology offers to our customers.

Rackspace Technology Law Enforcement Request Disclosure Report: 2020

Customers' Hosted Data

To find out more about customers’ hosted data and privacy go to our Customer Data Security and Privacy page.

If you receive hosting or other services from one of our customers and have privacy-related questions about those services, please contact our customer directly.


If you would like to correct or update the information we hold about you, or revoke consent previously granted, please follow the instructions located in our Privacy Notice.

Intracompany Data Processing

As a global company, there may be times when Rackspace Technology may need to share personal data across its entities to support our customers and employees in the provision of services. The EU regulations on data protection (for example, the General Data Protection Regulation) require Rackspace Technology to have in place an appropriate method to legitimise cross border transfer of personal data. Rackspace Technology has put in place an Intracompany Data Processing Agreement to allow the processing of personal data among its entities.

Open configuration options

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Privacy Questions

If you have questions or complaints about our privacy statement or practices, please contact us at privacy@rackspace.com. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at https://feedback-form.truste.com/watchdog/request.

Additional Privacy Notices

Mobile apps

This privacy notice explains our privacy practices when you use our mobile applications or interact with us through your mobile device.

Job candidates

This privacy notice explains our privacy practices when you apply for a job with us.


This privacy notice provides details on the cookies, web beacons and similar technologies used when you interact with us online. We also explain your options regarding these technologies.


If you have a privacy or data protection-related question about our services or the data that you host with us, please contact your Rackspace Technology support team or service delivery manager.

If your questions relate to our Privacy Statement, please email us.